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You’ve Got A Shiny New Cyber Security Control – Now What?
Cybersecurity is no longer a business luxury. It’s a business necessity. Maintaining control over your business requires a security strategy aligned to business goals.  Cybersecurity implementation is not as a plug-and-play operation, but rather, a business-driven security philosophy that meets validated objectives. It allows you to keep business and mission focus without fear of being deterred by a security setback. 
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Business Responsibility in Mitigating Vulnerabilities
A vulnerability management (VM) program is an InfoSec team’s continuous responsibility to mitigate risks in the organization’s network in concert with management oversight balanced with business operations. VM is the foundation of a security program where the focus is on finding, categorizing, and assessing network assets for risk.
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Impact of a Cybersecurity Incident on a SMB
Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) don’t have the luxury of making cybersecurity a priority at the same rate as larger businesses.  Many may use their limited budgets as an excuse not to put as much into their network security and incident response plans, as they should.  Research has shown that this is a mistake. 
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